Control the mood and ambience of your home using Smart stylish keypads and touchscreen devices to automate light settings and scenes at various times of the day and night specific to your individual requirements. With the ability to create various lighting levels for individual rooms, the bedroom may have multiple settings on one keypad; one for all lights, another with low light for watching TV or a setting for reading lights only. Light sensors can also be set to activate bathroom lights during the night.


Complete Control

Our integrated lighting controls not only enables you to easily manage lighting zones in your home, it’s more energy efficient by reducing the cost of having lights turned on in unused areas or by dimmed lighting.

With control through your smartphone you can control the lights in your home even when you are not there. Turn off lights that were left on by accident in the mornings, or turn on lights before you come home in the evening to welcome you home.


Our bespoke lighting solutions provide a wide range of scene / mood settings for individual rooms and specific time of the day or night and all at the touch of a button on your mobile device or touchscreen.

Acknowledging the important relationship between the interior design of a home and the balance between natural light and artificial lighting. HAS Integration has over a decade of years of experience working with designers and architects, to seamlessly integrate premium products and technologies from leading global brands that enable efficient energy management throughout the home.

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