Energy Management

Energy management is getting more and more important as environmental issues are rising and energy costs are reaching higher levels than ever before. With integrated technology solutions, you can manage your energy consumption.

We can integrate multiple zone climate control with most heating systems, including radiators, electric and under floor heating. Control the climate inside at the thermostat or through the user interface from a touchscreen, smartphone or remote. Turn down the heat when you are away or in specific rooms throughout the day. With intelligent temperature control your home can sense outside temperature, what season or time of the day it is and adjust accordingly.


Smart Solutions

With smart tech LED energy efficient lighting solutions, you can get affordable and environmentally friendly light systems that have a longer life-span, are shock resistant while also having smaller energy requirements. With low maintenance costs and without the need of special connectors, there is no question about why LED is the future in lighting.

With the use of automated shading you can control the amount of light and heat in your home. Let the sun help you heat your home on sunny days or use blinds to block out the sun and make your home cooler without having to turn on your climate control.

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