HAS Integration provides tailor-made control systems to operate home electronics via customised touch screens or tablets. We have the knowledge and expertise to automate your home specific to your individual requirements. From motion sensor lights, heat-responsive window blinds, programming music / TV volume to be turned down automatically in response to a doorbell ringing, or even turning every light on in the house in the event of an intruder alarm, a more comfortable and secure home is a smart connected home, and we are here to help.


Reduce Clutter

Reduce the unsightly clutter of unnecessary light switches and keypads from your walls by replacing them with a single, aesthetically pleasing user interface. These systems can be integrated in multi-room audio, video servers, surround sound cinemas, intelligent lighting, heating, automatically lock or open key access points (front gates, garage doors etc) and open or close electric blinds and curtains.

Lighting control systems and intelligent switch communication also provide both energy saving and peace of mind where time-based schedules can be set and with an integrated energy management system, energy consumption of appliances such as heaters, electronics etc provides real time analysis to better manage consumption. These systems can also monitor the energy that is being created by solar power, solar thermal or hydrogen fuel cells.

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