At HAS Integration, we support clients through a proven process, the start of which begins with an initial consultation. As specialists in the field of Smart technology we’ve supported businesses and homeowners for over a decade to improve efficiency, enhance comfort and simplify lives.
With a dedicated team to work with you to evaluate your exact needs and specific preferences, our role is to ensure the recommended solution is the perfect fit for your specific requirements. From boardroom design, audio visual and video conferencing systems to lighting controls, home cinemas, energy efficiencies and security – you can rely on us.

Design & Install

As an Audio Visual (AV) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market leader, we seamlessly integrate leading edge Smart Technology solutions for work and home environments. From initial consultation, our design experts and multidisciplinary team can design the look, layout and entire Smart functionality, optimising efficiencies, comfort and enjoyment.
We have certified interior architects and specialists who will spend time creating room layouts, considering an overall style, furniture and the lighting plan to deliver a solution that is both feature-rich and user friendly, one that aligns with our clients specific brief and technical requirements.

Project Manage
& Support

We project manage the full installation and provide follow-on support and customer care. This includes a training and adoption process to guide you and your team to operate the system where an end user programme plan will be prepared.
Market indications suggest that successful implementation of a new system depends as much as 90% on the final users and how they understand the benefits and features and adopt new technologies. Therefore it’s vital we take time to onboard our clients in the roll-out maximising your investment. Our trained advisers will spend time going through each programme enabling successful adoption of new technology in your organisation or home.

Contact our dedicated team who will work with you to evaluate your specific requirements

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