Conference Calling

HAS Integration offers multiple conference call solutions for the commercial and business sector. From small to large meeting rooms, HAS Integration provides leading edge conference call solutions with microphone technology (360-degree audio pick-up) and advanced audio processing providing crystal clear sound.

We can advise on bespoke configurations specific to a room layout for optimum sound. For example, in some cases, the quality of sound of a conference call is poor due to sound not being distributed evenly, particularly in large meeting spaces or bespoke layouts. In these instances, it is possible to expand conference call systems with external speakers and additional microphones ensuring the best quality for all participants. Analogue and digital conference call solutions can also be provided based on our clients requirements.

Video Conferencing

The pandemic has resulted in a new hybrid working model requiring more workplace AV / VC solutions that are now essential for business. Video communication isn’t just video conferencing, it also includes online collaboration, unified communications and e-learning. Video conferencing hardware and technologies ensure people can still meet and connect face-to-face globally via video conferencing in a specific meeting room or indeed on an individual’s device or tablet with exceptionally good connectivity and call quality. Video conferencing is a great alternative for those who believe in visual contact while being more productive, spending less time travelling.
With our AV / VC solutions, you can make the most out of the benefits of Video Conferencing and take your communications to the next level.

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