With busy work schedules sometimes we may miss meetings or training sessions, rather than having to re-arrange, a streaming and archiving solution provides clients with the option of recording meetings independently of time and place and subsequently making them available via Internet, either live or on demand.
HAS Integration can provide secure solutions for effective online communications with authorised participants. Broadcast video presentations of reports and annual figures, strategic quarterly updates, meetings and press conferences, all which can be viewed both live and at a later time via webcasting.


In most cases the streaming solutions consist of a permanent or fixed system in combination with dome cameras and microphones, which can be integrated in meeting rooms. Mobile streaming solutions can also be provided where your stream is securely displayed in a secure web portal.

There are instructive benefits as well, as a digital link structure can be created to allow users to reference all kinds of background information retrospectively. In addition, depending on the chosen variant, reports on viewing and listening statistics are also available.

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