Lighting & Shading

HAS Integration provides lighting solutions ensuring your meeting room has the right lighting balance, particularly for specified rooms that host video conferences or on screen meetings. Light needs to be integrated carefully as natural light can dilute the image on screen. Indirect light should shine from several key angles, all dependent on the room size and shape to prevent hard shadows.

Some of our lighting solutions include innovative smart tech LED energy efficient lighting systems. LED is affordable and environmentally friendly with a longer life-span, is shock resistant and requires small energy requirements. LED can also be integrated into bespoke designs where creative layouts and lighting ideas form part of an architectural or interior design brief.

LED Solutions

Our LED lighting solutions can be connected to a 230 V supply without any requirement for special components. In addition, our range of LED lighting solutions fit standard TL fittings and suspended ceilings so there is no need to modify your ceiling. The strong increase in LED popularity is not surprising, it has tangible financial benefits including a long life-span, low energy use and low maintenance costs.

Whether it’s for a boardroom, huddle room, canteen, indoors or outdoors HAS Integration can advice, design, install and maintain LED solutions and intelligent lighting systems which will respond to the presence/absence of light/dark in your work and use ultra-efficient lighting reducing power consumption and costs while being environmentally friendly.


Lighting solutions also incompasses natural light. With our smart shading you can control the amount of natural light in your spaces. Whether it is for privacy or to block out the sun, HAS Integration can offer solutions to match your needs.
With automated shading and lighting control, you can choose specific settings for the room and create a balance of natural and artificial light. This includes Smart blinds or curtains that can be programmed for your specific space and meeting.

Our lighting solutions have centralised control systems enabling the right options to be integrated with all your features, with the touch of a button.

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