Energy Management

Energy management is getting more and more important with environmental issues rising alongside soaring energy costs. Our integrated technology solutions can help you manage your energy consumption and save money.
By connecting your climate control panels to the integrated system, you can control them simultaneously and conveniently. Using room occupancy sensors and a control system, you can see when a room is occupied or not and with a touch of a button turn off, lights, heating, VC systems and TV screens to save energy when rooms are idle.

Efficient Solutions

With smart tech LED energy efficient lighting solutions, you get affordable and environmentally friendly systems that have a longer life-span, are shock resistant while also requiring smaller energy requirements. As our LED lighting solutions do not need special components, they can be connected to your normal 230 V supply or standard TL fittings so that there is no need for modifications. LEDs are also low in maintenance costs, just another benefit to converting to these energy efficient solutions.

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