There is an increase in the number of tools available for productive collaboration and group brainstorming. This trend has spiked dramatically across the world in the ways that people consult one another and meet in business environments. With this changed landscape of meetings, companies from all over the world are experiencing a massive influx of virtual meetings and need the equipment to support it.

The Stats

Statistics from the National Bureu of Economic Research show that remote work has increased the weekly meeting time by 70%, with the rate of one-on-one meetings increasing by 18% and check-ins and social meetings increasing by 10%. To accommodate this shift in how businesses meet, HAS Integration provide a wide range of collaboration tools and 1-2-1 meeting solutions.

Our cutting edge technology enables businesses and employees to easily connect with one another remotely, provide input, share content and collaborate, wherever they may be in the world. Being able to add participants remotely, brainstorm and distribute notes and agreements, can now all be done by the touch of a button.

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