Boardroom Design

HAS Integration is a leading provider of audio visual and video conferencing solutions in the corporate market. Whether it’s for a boardroom or training room, these are important spaces for your organisation and should meet the requirements for the most important meetings and presentations. Our experienced team design and install bespoke solutions for individual client requirements by integrating cutting edge technologies from brands like Cisco, Logitech, Poly, Crestron and Extron providing simple to use, yet highly intuitive systems.

Our HQ is located in the West of Ireland and with nationwide reach, we endeavour to provide the highest level technical expertise and customer care to organisations in Ireland.

Boardroom Design Includes

Energy Management

With integrated technology solutions, you can get an overview and manage your energy consumption.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual solutions gives you the opportunity to share information attractively and professionally through imagery and sound, whether it takes place in conference rooms, presentation rooms or boardrooms.

Video Conferencing & Telepresence

We offer multiple conference call solutions for the commercial sector. From small to large meeting rooms, HAS Integration provides leading edge solutions with advanced audio processing and microphone technology.

Collaboration Tools

Our cutting-edge technology enables businesses and employees to easily connect with one another remotely, provide input, share content and collaborate, wherever they may be in the world.

Streaming & Archiving

With busy schedules we might miss a meeting or training session, with streaming and archiving solutions you can access them on demand.

Control Systems

Control Systems that allow you to operate your equipment and connect PC or laptops via cable management and controls that are often mounted in a table top, lectern or other flat surface.

Room Booking & Occupancy Systems

Manage your time with room booking and occupancy systems and create a daily flow without interruptions.

Lighting & Shading

Lighting solutions that will ensure your meeting room has the right natural and artificial light balance for video conferencing and screen meetings.

Digital Signage

The business world has evolved from paper to the digital world and to compete you will have to stand out. With Digital Signage you can get your message across in a bold and engaging way.

A Proven Process

Our proven process ensures we understand your specific needs to provide the right solution. This process involves an initial consultation with clients to determine the full scope of a project by getting clarity on the core purpose of the room. Every application requires its own approach, lay-out, decoration, furniture and selection of equipment. Our approach ensures that we reach the core technology needs of your specific environment and user base. Having followed this process for over 10 years it has also enabled HAS Integration to create ready-made concepts and designs based on these principles.

We are very selective about the high quality products, components and materials we use and significant attention is given to reliability, user friendliness, aesthetics, lighting and acoustics. We strive to create a boardroom space with minimal fuss, and optimal connectivity to maximise efficiency and impact by integrating the most advanced software, state of the art facilities and equipment.

Every space we create can be fully connected, complete with integrated audio, visual and lighting with seamless control panels and a flawless electronic infrastructure.

Contact our dedicated team who will work with you to evaluate your specific requirements

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